A dynamic and bilingual team specialy trained and who have proven experience.

Juanita Sbrissa

The principal, Ms Juanita Sbrissa opened the school 26 years ago.

Juanita Sbrissa, is the principal and also teaches. She has a Kindergarten Teachers Degree, was trained in the Maria Montessori International Center in Perugia-Italy. She is also a holder of a Bachelor in Pedagogy and Education from the University of Geneva.

Mrs Sbrissa is fluent in french, english, spanish and italian.

« What we understand by education is allowing the child to develop » ‐ Maria Montessori

Glynis Jeannin

I am originally from Northern Ireland where I studied to become a teacher 30 years ago. Since then I have taught in London, Valencia, Bern, Montreux and Versoix. Most of my career has been spent teaching 3-6 year olds in bilingual schools but I have also taught children up to the age of 12.

I am married with a 20 year old daughter and have lived in Switzerland for almost 25 years. I enjoy walking, craft work and travelling.

I am excited to teach in a Montessori classroom which provides children with the opportunity to learn vital practical life skills and develop their fine motor skills, both of which are often overlooked in today’s world of technology.